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How do I lose weight?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Many people come to me as a trainer to “lose weight.” Because of the way the media represents weight loss they are thinking it might be a quick fix. I have to laugh when I see ads that say “Do 15 minutes a day of exercising and change the shape of your legs in 4 weeks.” The reality is, this is not possible. There are no such things in life as quick fixes. Anything of value comes from hard work, determination, and grit. I will look my clients in the eye and say “come to me to feel good, to connect with yourself, and learn about the fun in exercise. After that I promise you will lose weight.”

Losing weight and exercise isn’t a single day choice. It becomes a lifestyle. The first step in health and wellness is making the choice that we are done. Done with not looking our best, done with isolation, done with loneliness, done with visits to the doctor that end with reprimands. We want to feel good. We want to walk into a party and light up the room. We choose to take care of our minds, and our bodies. Making the choice is the hardest step in the journey, losing weight/inches by comparison, comes easily. It will come off, about ½ pound a week if you decide that is what you want.

Often I will share that pain is weakness leaving the body. We need to build the bridge. The journey over the bridge will be difficult. There are no twists and no turns. It is a straight,direct way to come back to ourselves. It is only then that we will realize that we are home.

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