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5 Day Beginner's Fitness Challenge


I began with the 5-day Beginner's Fitness Challenge and subsequently enrolled in your 6 Week Fitness program, where I transitioned from exercising for 30 seconds to an impressive 30 minutes within 6 weeks.


By week 2, I had lost 6 pounds.


By the time week 4 arrived, I found myself getting up and completing my exercises without hesitation. It became a natural part of my routine, and I no longer needed to consciously think about it. Even on days when I couldn't recall the specific exercise for that moment, I would simply do one from earlier in the program.


I've evolved into a person who exercises daily, and the result is that I feel absolutely fantastic.

- Eva, 43

Why choose under1minute?

Personalized Coaching Program:  We understand how confusing it is to start a workout program so we have done extensive testing to discover the right way to start a fitness habit and guide you through 1 tiny step at a time 

Variety of Workout Lengths:  Sometimes it only takes a minute to workout with our crazy act to give ourselves more of a challenge. Whatever you are up for, we have you covered. 

Special Hosted LIVE workouts:  As a member of our family you will have access to yoga and strength workouts with Wendy and other special trainers. Join us for inspiring workouts where we will guide and support you along the way. 

Flexibility:  No more rushing to get to the gym, exercise in the privacy of your home. Choose what and when works best for your schedule!

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