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A 30 Second Fitness Program that integrates into Slack and Teams that keeps employees moving at their desk 

Unlock the Desk-ercize Advantage for Your Corporate Fitness Program

Our Desk-ercize Method offers an array of benefits to enhance the well-being of your team, foster engagement, and promote a healthier workplace environment:

  • Small 30-Second Exercises at Your Desk: Incorporate quick and effective exercises into your work routine, covering aerobic, core, strength, balance, stretch, and even meditation.

  • Seamless Integration with Slack or Microsoft Teams: Easily incorporate wellness into your daily work life with our user-friendly integration.

  • Preprogrammed Applications: Enjoy thoughtless access to preplanned exercises, ensuring hassle-free implementation.

  • Department Challenges Utilizing Habit Stacking: Foster friendly competition and camaraderie within your teams by integrating habit stacking into department challenges.

  • Daily Inspirational Messages: Boost morale and motivation with daily doses of inspiration delivered directly to your team.

  • Social Engagement: Encourage a sense of community and wellness by connecting with colleagues through shared fitness goals.

  • Workplace Lunch and Learns: Elevate your corporate wellness initiatives with engaging Lunch and Learn sessions focused on health and fitness.


The Problem:

Physical inactivity has been linked to a range of issues, including obesity, chronic joint pain, and mental health challenges. Engagement is often lowest among employees experiencing poor mental and physical well-being.


The Solution:

We're here to help you develop wellness habits that improve both mental and physical health. As James Cleary, author of "Atomic Habits," notes, habits are about becoming the best version of yourself. Through team-building events and recognition programs, we foster an environment where your mission for a healthier, more engaged workforce comes to life.


Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Wellness:

Our proactive approach to wellness empowers individuals to take self-responsibility for their overall well-being. We believe that fostering a culture of wellness can lead to a stronger, more resilient team.


Let's Transform Your Team Together:

Join us in strengthening your team's mental and physical well-being. For more information on how Desk-ercize can benefit your corporate wellness program, please contact us at

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