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5 Day Beginner's Fitness Challenge

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What is your age?
How many times per day do you currently exercise?
What prevents you from exercising?
How much water are you currently drinking everyday? (Doesn't include coffee/tea)
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Before we begin we want to make sure that every day you would be willing to answer 3 simple questions. Are you ready?
Every day we will send you an Email, in that email there will be two links, The first will be your exercise for every day. Sound good?
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Your job will be to do this exercise for 30 seconds when you use the bathroom! Flying to the top will mean drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day! The more you drink, the more you move to use the bathroom, the more you exercise, and the better you will look and feel. So are you ready?

P.S. Check your email for our welcome message! 

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